Work in progress Day 1

The inspiration

Sunset in Hawksworth woods

Big canvas, starting with the trees

Various Browns black and ochre yellow

This is going to take a while, but it’s feeling good already, I know where it’s going and the techniques for each element, trees, leaves, sky, sun, shrubs, ferns, path…

it’s already finished in my head it just needs me to feed the canvas the paint and it’ll form it’s self… almost.

Murray boys Black Panther

Wakanda Forever

The sad loss of Chadwick Boseman, the same week as i finished this painting created some more emotional connections to it that i was expecting.


Its black on purple or purple on black… theres more options for a purple back ground so thats how it started

This template was bugger to create the lines in the logo are hard to follow…. for a throw paint at things artist
Sponges are awesome!
Almost right
if in doubt throw some paint at it.

Not even, not perfect but non of my work is, it goes with the series and the boys (clients) are happy.

Rest in peace Chadwick Boseman

“Wakanda Forever”

Murray boys spider 🕷 man

String it up!

I’ve been using string to hold the cardboard templates in place on other paintings, so when it came to doing Spider-Man the idea of the webs was already there.

Having completed this I was torn between leaving the string on or removing it leaving the lines.

In the end Judah wanted the string to stay, which I think is the right decision. Happy with this one.

Creating music / poorly playing the guitar – sort of…

Sooo rocking the lockdown bears and pony tail! 🤦‍♂️

Within my strand of creative there’s various elements, and playing the guitar badly and singing even worse is one of them..

So here’s a poor example of that.

As bad as I think it is, I created music and enjoyed the process of doing it.

It’s like there’s creative energy inside bubbling over pushing to get released and transformed into something. One day it’s painting, the next week writing, making something from wood or murdering a song! 😂

Go create!

Judah’s Iron man / Christmas triangles

The brief from the 5 year old nephew for this one was:

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Triangles

On a sunny April morning i took the easel outside into the garden and sponge dabbed the back ground, being such warm day it was quickly drying and and the layers of red soon built up to a pattern i was happy with. 

Following the cutting shapes out of cardboard technique thats worked so far, i dabbed the edges with the green to create the random selection of triangles and filled triangles with a darker yellow shade, then comes the best bit. The flicking!

After muiltiple layers artistic flicks and attempts at giving myself tennis elbow working through shades of yellow, ornge, red and green we had a finished product. 

To me it looks like Christmas.

For my newphew its IRONMAN!! resulting in subsequent commissions for more Marvel-esk painting. 

Blow fish for Willow

Whats your favourite fish?

Well a blow fish of course.

The background for this one was actually the first painting i did on this creative journey. as most first attempts it was pretty rubbish, but overlaid with blue it looked quite aquatic.

this was fun to do, working round the fish body, rotating the painting to get the directions of the flicks right.

Clara’s Rainbow

“All the colours”

This is a commissioned piece for my super cute… (like boo from monsters inc cute) niece.

When asked what’s colours and shapes she wanted in her painting the answer was “All the colours”

So that’s what she got, dabbed through the colour palette for the back ground and flicked back and forth, I must have had 8 brushes wet for this one.

Oh and then flicks of a glitter paint so that when the light hits it there are sparkles ✨

One happy girl and I enjoyed making this little one.

Foot note

This was done in April 2020 so quite apt for the NHS supporting colours of the time.