This piece started as a practice of a dabbing style and just grew into what I’m seeing as a transition of water to earth, the green and browns like the compressed layers in stone and the yellow and orange shores and sand.

It was certainly fun to do and I’m enjoying having it on the wall.

Wood working gifts

This spring time during the great “lockdown” of 2020, I started to whittle and shapes some piece of wood into necklace gifts.

The sloth I’d seen a picture of on Pinterest and was able to almost perfectly replace it.

Using fine drill bits and files I was able to shape cut away the unwanted parts.

The wolf head was a slower process as the piece of wood was much harder and took much more work to shape.

Enjoyable experience and I think I’ll be making more as gifts in the future and I have about 20 slices of a branch to use!

Inwards or outwards swirls

This was a very large like 1m x 1.5m canvas all done with dab and flick technique.
Loved the slow build up of layers and working round the meeting points to mix it up
Some colours just have such amazing contrasts
I felt like a centre piece was required, but I was never totally happy with how this turned out.

The idea

Inspiration being drawn in, to creativity flowing out.


Same painting just in different light.

This one was inspired by my exploration of the heathen culture, researching the history of the vikings, their gods and beliefs.

It comes from an ancient Icelandic stave and in that text it states that

“if this sign is carried, one will never lose one’s way in storms or bad weather, even when the way is not known”

As a person who is always drifting it speaks to me to know your way.

So it now hangs in my kitchen and is the first thing you can see when you walk through the door.

Work in progress Day 1

The inspiration

Sunset in Hawksworth woods

Big canvas, starting with the trees

Various Browns black and ochre yellow

This is going to take a while, but it’s feeling good already, I know where it’s going and the techniques for each element, trees, leaves, sky, sun, shrubs, ferns, path…

it’s already finished in my head it just needs me to feed the canvas the paint and it’ll form it’s self… almost.

Murray boys Black Panther

Wakanda Forever

The sad loss of Chadwick Boseman, the same week as i finished this painting created some more emotional connections to it that i was expecting.


Its black on purple or purple on black… theres more options for a purple back ground so thats how it started

This template was bugger to create the lines in the logo are hard to follow…. for a throw paint at things artist
Sponges are awesome!
Almost right
if in doubt throw some paint at it.

Not even, not perfect but non of my work is, it goes with the series and the boys (clients) are happy.

Rest in peace Chadwick Boseman

“Wakanda Forever”